About Action99

About Us

Action 99 is 3 generations of stunt/tracking and picture vehicle experts.

Pushing the boundaries of innovations to meet the demand for that “perfect shot”, to the quality of service that productions such as Warner Bros / Sony Films expect. We pride ourselves on our elite vehicles and the bespoke service we provide to productions, making difficult shot situations and complicated requests seem like a walk in the park.

We can manage any vehicle requirements for art departments and productions, including procurement and overseeing daily requirements on the floor of the most demanding shoots. We have an impressive database of picture vehicles and if it doesn’t exist, we have the facilities to build to specification.

We also operate a fleet of elite tracking vehicles and camera mounting solutions, tracking vehicles, Arm cars, and low loaders for filming around the world. Action 99 is the only company in the UK that supplies complete vehicle packages. From vintage picture vehicles to complex tracking solutions, including an impressive arsenal of stabilisation options.

As well as vehicles and eqipment, we also provide experienced tracking vehicle technicians, Arm car operators, head technicians and precision drivers who know the gear inside out and can work with production teams on the most complicated and unique shoots.

Action99 is a family-run business offering a personal touch, which sets apart from the competition.