Low Loader 1

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LOWLOADER Camera Tracking Vehicles Action 99 Cars
Ultra-efficient and suitable for safely filming a huge range of vehicle types and sizes on the move

Low Loader Dual Air suspension tracking vehicle

Low Loaders are the safest, quickest and most effective way of filming all types of picture vehicles

Our Dual Air Suspension carrys most type of vehicle and small aircraft. Purpose built in house complete with a video village safe seating area, full power supply for play back and lighting. Side platforms / additional camera platforms and rigs supplied upon request

Fully adjustable ride height with full air suspension system.

Working length: 7m

Working width: 2.34mm

Overall length: 13m

Overall width: 2.44m

Standard Equipment: 4 x safety harnesses, monitor mounting and playback area

Optional equipment: silent 6KVa generator, rain cover for crew area, universal car kit, side platforms